Full Stack Developer of websites and webshops. Server setup, OOP code, CSS design, SEO friendly.

About me

Coding websites since high school and therefore learning plain HTML, IE compatible CSS, core PHP and native JavaScript without the luxury of todays frameworks and tools. Combined with modern technology and years of experience with web development, scrum and e-commerce; makes everything possible.

Backend and Frontend

After several years of building Zend Framework applications and Magento webshops, my focus changed from backend PHP to frontend JavaScript development. I am currently working with Aurelia, writing object oriented ES6 code, compiled and combined with SCSS. And a Laravel API deployed via CI pipelines to Kubernetes.


Sometimes I like to write code in my spare time, especially canvas effects bringing the old demoscene art and vibe to your browser (I went to the Evoke demoparty in Germany). Check out my latest project called TigFriends below. A shout-out to my colleagues when I left my previous job in 2016 to start a new adventure.

I don't always need a job, but when I do, I check my LinkedIn.


Martin Boer 2019

this page is a quick placeholder for a portfolio I will make somewhere in the future, when I'm not busy working on awesome shizzle